Can't get my camera to calabrate on my 1420

First off, I’m not sure I got the right camera. I got the 66 but I’m think that I should have gotten the 60 as my min mounting for the 66 is like 18.97 and my mounting point is 28" more in line with the 60 which is more like 24". Also in the videos that when printed the pattern should be about 1/4 sheet. Mine when I print it is taking the full sheet. I keep getting “Can’t find the pattern”. What am I doing wrong?
Thank You for reading this. Happy New Year

Do not scale the dot card when printing, and make sure you cover the entire bed with paper or cardboard so LightBurn does not confuse your honeycomb bed when trying to find the dot image card.

Thanks Rick. I’m not scaling the pattern that I’m aware of. I’m just printing it directly as it comes up on my screen. What about the camera, did I make a mistake by getting the 60 and not the 66?

Also should I be using the Fish Eye a or standard lens type??

Is this an official LightBurn camera? If so, you can use the presets for your camera to assist in getting set up.

Yes it is. I’ll gave that a try tomorrow… Thanks!!

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