Can't get out of rotary mode

After update to 1.2.01 I’m stuck in the rotary mode. The last job I did was done before the update was in the rotary mode. Now after the update, even if I open a job that had been saved of a challenge coin before the update it still want come out of the rotary mode. If I click the rotary icon on the toolbar it just sends me to the rotary setup. I’m I missing something here?

If you’re willing and so inclined, test the following.
Open the file that’s giving you grief.
Click that rotary Icon on the toolbar to open the setup.
Click the Bright Green switch on the left next to Enable rotary.
When it turns dull red, you’ve shut it off but you’re not quite done.
Click Ok in that box and that should lock that setting.
Save the file and that setting should stick.

Please do report back. Let us know if anything unanticipated happens.

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