Can't get rid of "artifacts"

I was able to combine Wingdings and polygons to make something. There are a few things that remained that I want to get rid of so the don’t burn with the laser. (arrows point to these things. Since everything is combined I am at a loss. I can’t get bezier points to come up so I can try to attach and delete these things individually. Just downloaded the latest version of LB. M1 Mac Mini.
balcony - things to get rid of.lbrn2 (43.8 KB)

  1. Select the entire design
  2. Arrange->Ungroup
  3. Select those shapes that you want to remove, then Edit->Delete
  4. Optionally, select the remaining shapes and Arrange->Group to regroup

Finally got it. I thought that once you use the “boolean” add, subtract, etc., they were all now one object.


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