Can't get the rotary tab to come up

Hello there. I have recently purchased a copy of lightburn after running the trial for a while now. I have clicked the rotary button under the gears tab and nothing happens. It turns green and no other tab pops up when I go into the program and look for where it is supposed to be.

Thank you for reporting this. I see how this can be confusing and have raised with our dev team.

Trocen / AWC does not provide access or control of rotary settings from software and must be managed from the HMI of the controller panel itself. We continue to request access from Trocen, but until they provide a way…we cannot offer this level of control from within LightBurn.

so there is no way to use a rotary with your program then? If that is true then I will not be using your program and will be asking for a refund then.

This is not a LightBurn limitation, it is one of the motion control system in your laser. The firmware used in the Trocen / AWC controllers do not provide a way for us to access or control the rotary settings. They do not surface these settings for any software, including their own.

Nothing can be done unless Trocen provides the access via software.

You can use LightBurn to design, cut plan and send the work to your laser and do so using a rotary for your material. All that works as expected and provides the same level of access as LaserCad. You just need to set the rotary configuration from the panel, and that is true using LightBurn or not.

Is there a reason the rotary requirements and needs did not get fully evaluated during this trial? Not trying to be snarky, genuinely interested. If we can provide more or better, we are always on the lookout…:wink:.

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