Can't have rotary tool working correctly - twotrees TS2 + TR2

Hi all,

I’m currently using a twotrees TS2 engraver which I had working pretty well. I received my rotary tool yesterday and there comes the issues :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to set it up yesterday evening and this morning but I may be missing something, and an outside point of view always helps :slight_smile:

So, this morning, I was able to have the test running fine : I’ve set up the mm per rotation (40.50) and the roller diameter (15 mm). I wouldn’t say it was easy as I actually tried to have a full turn on a object, and didn’t check the roller… :man_facepalming:

Now, to see how it works on an object, measured it’s diameter and calculated it’s circumference which is about 223 mm. So there I go : I go to the move option, enter distance of 223mm, press the Y axe arrow aaaaand… it fails… instead of going 1 tour, it goes 1.25 tour…

I’ve checked the “use rotary” button, and it shows green so that’s fine, but yeah… can’t go any further. The weird thing is that even if I change the rotary parameters, it doesn’t change that behavior when I hit the move button… As if actually the engraver didn’t care I was using a rotary or so.

Is there something I’m missing somewhere? Is there a parameter I need to change? maybe in the grbl parameters?

I’m lost :cry:

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