Can't input my DSP license

I purchased the non DSP version for one computer which connects to a Ortus (GRBL) laser and then installed that version on my second computer which is going to connect to my Ruida. I plan to connect to the Ruida by LAN so I tried to do a manual setup and Ruida isn’t on the list of controllers! I then connected to the Ruida via USB and it found it but says I don’t have a DSP license. So I purchased one and have the key but Lightburn keeps asking to install a controller which it won’t install (the Ruida) and just exits if I quit out of the controller setup so I can’t enter the DSP key. How do I get out of the Gordian knot?

before install lightburn i alawys install the original software first, its good for some things like driver etc

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When you say, “…I don’t have a DSP license. So I purchased one…”, did you purchase the upgrade from GCode to DSP, or did you buy a new key completely? If entirely new key, you will need to deactivate the current GCode key and then enter the new DSP key.

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I purchased a new license. Didn’t know there was an upgrade path. However, water under the bridge, I’ll deactivate the old key. Thanks!

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