Can't see most of my tool bar. Its blacked out

I bring up Lightburn and alot of my tools and function bars are blacked out. What am I doing wrong? Sometimes it loads up fine and sometimes not.

Can you take a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

I haven’t seen that before but suspect that’s a graphics driver issue.

Do you see issues in any other software? Try rebooting your computer. Failing that, see if there’s a graphics driver update you can apply.

I’ve seen things like that when (inadvertently) setting a “dark mode” desktop theme: the icons remain there, but have faded into the background with zero contrast. Sometimes a different icon theme (which I think LightBurn does not offer) makes them visible, but I have yet to find a usable combination.

AFAICT, folks designing such themes have perfect vision and use calibrated monitors in ideal conditions.

I use a dark theme at the OS level but still get a light LightBurn. I didn’t think LightBurn supported a dark theme but may just be unaware.

If that’s the issue here then easy enough to prove out. Try changing to light theme and see if the issue is resolved. That wouldn’t provide a long term solution however if a dark theme is desired at the OS level.

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