Can't seem to WELD open shapes

I have a design that I exported from CorelDraw 2019 to DXF and then imported to LightBurn. The import worked fine. I converted a line to an object in Corel before importing. It looks great on screen in LightBurn but I get an error that 2 items are set to fill and not closed. So what happens is that it floods the design with fill. I selected both and welded them in LightBurn but that didn’t help. I can’t see where they are “open” so I’m at a loss on how to fix this. Can anyone provide any guidance?

You might be thinking of the wrong term - Weld is used to weld two overlapping areas into one.

Join is used to connect multiple disconnected shapes together, and Close is used to close a single shape that is open.

“Close” is kind of a special case of “Join” where you’re just closing a hole in a single item. “Join” is more general, where you have a bunch of disconnected things and you want the software to try to sort out what’s supposed to be connected.

If you imported a DXF, most likely you want to join multiple things together, so select everything and go to Edit > Auto Join Selected Shapes (or just press Alt + J).

If you can provide a screen shot of what your design looks like we can probably give more specific help.

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