Can't set burn speeds on my Mac book pro

Not sure about this yet. Before I go in and strip out the preferences, I can’t set proper speeds on my cuts while using my MBP. When I transfer the file over to the Windows 11 PC at the laser (Thunder) I can make all my settings.

obviously something is up, and I want to get opinions before I go deep. I have the latest version of the software on my MBP.


Please hold off until this is diagnosed.

A Macbook Pro may face difficulty communicating with Ruida Controllers (if that’s what’s under the hood of the Thunder. How are you connecting with it?

I am using a USB drive and transferring over the the windows computer attached to the Thunder.

Eliminate one of your potential problems.

If possible connect via Ethernet over your lan…

Much more stable and doesn’t have any driver issues…


This is a makerspace so they will not let up do this. You have to be with the laser at all times. When I take the file over the the Windows computer, it seems to work.

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