Can't start job from HMI

Hey Guys,

I just completed a DIY build of a 600 x 400 CO2 laser machine utilizing the Ruida RDC-6445S controller. Everything works well except the ability to start a job from the HMI or using the Start Button in Lightburn.

The only way I’ve managed to run a job is by saving the RD file and the Running the RD file from Lightburn. If I send the file to the Ruida it appears on the HMI but pressing the play button results in the job starting for a split second and then stopping and showing job complete. If I try simply clicking start job from Lightburn nothing at all happens.

I’m using a Windows 11 PC and I’m connected to the Ruida Controller via the supplied USB Cable.

Any ideas?

To clarify…

Your art in Lightburn and save it to an RD file, using Save RD file.

Then use Run RD file and it works ok?


It shows up on the machine console, an image or whatever.

Attempts to execute job, it shows it’s complete?

What happens when you send it, instead of start?

I haven’t heard of this… Maybe @JohnJohn, or someone else has a potential fix. I’m not aware of any settings in the controller itself that could contribute/cause this.


Hey Jack,

To clarify:

  1. If I save the artwork as an RD file, using Save Rd File, then use Run RD file , the job works fine.

  2. If I Send File, the file shows up on my HMI but if I then press play/start on the HMI, the job starts for a split second and then shows completed. I mean literally 50ms or so.

  3. If I click Start in Lightburn, absolutely nothing happens.

I assume this is any file, artwork?

It sounds really odd, never encountered one of these scenarios.

Unfortunately there seems little we can check on within the controller once it leaves Lightburn… that I know of.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know what to advise at this point.

My only suggestion would be to try it with an Ethernet connection… from a users point of view, you are kind of limited.

Since this has never worked properly, we can’t really determine much from this information.

Probably doesn’t matter but is this a vector or image?


Yeah it’s any artwork, even a simple rectangle. I’m beginning to suspect the controller as I have some other weird behaviour also. Yesterday I started a job with a simple rectangle and the laser went off somewhere else and engraved the letter ‘Y’ for some reason.

I’ll attempt an Ethernet connection today and see if there’s any difference.

Ok so I connected up the controller via Ethernet, some interesting observations.

Lightburn fails to send any files over to the Controller, keep getting a transfer error. I can move the machine with the controls via Lightburn, but can’t transfer any files over.

I installed RDWorks and was able to successfully send a file over and press play on the HMI and process the job.

It appears Lightburn does not like this new 6445S Controller. It’s running the newer version firmware which starts with v30.

Ideally I’d want to ensure this machine will work with Lightburn before the trial period is up so I can go ahead and purchase it.

I haven’t seen other reports of this but you may be the first to encounter it. What specific version of the firmware do you have loaded?

What happens if you save RD file to USB and load USB drive to controller? Does that file work? Trying to determine if the issue is strictly with communication or also with payload.

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