Can't trace file

I need to Trace the Outer Perimeter of a drawing I did so I can cut it out. How can I perform this?JC_Laser.lbrn (24.2 KB)

And I tried to Preview to maybe save the image then trace it but I get an error message…

Trace of the file is not required as it is already a grouping of vector objects. Trace is used for bitmaps.

Instead, what you will want to do is create a small ‘Offset’ of the outer most lines and put the resulting on it’s own layer set to cut as ‘Line’.

There are several issues with this file however that will cause problems with processing this job. You have open objects set to scan and that won’t work. To find them, go to ‘Edit’=>‘Select open shapes set to scan’. These will need to be resolved to product your desired scan.

How do i add them to the other pieces? I tried grouping the outermost and the curves as 1

Difficult to say as I do not know how you want the final output to look. The way this file was constructed, it’s using a bunch of elements to create the shapes but they are all independent from each other.

Do you have a sample of your desired outcome you can provide? This is what I see in ‘Preview’ after LightBurn removes the open shapes set to scan.

That is what I want but the edges should be scanned, the cross not and the Jesus figure cut out.

Here is the new lbrn file but it now says 12 shapes set to scan but weren’t closed. I followed your directions and apparently they wont close and form a single closed shape! Craziness

This does not surprise me. As I said, this file has issues with how it was created, using disconnected shapes. From your original file:

I am not following your description of desired output. Can you please try again or show picture of desired result. Not a pic with incorrect output.

I think I got it! Had to redo the whole thing though.

OK, now I see what you want. Glad you got it sorted.

Thank you for the help!

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