Capture On_Deactivate and On_Activate

Ok, not sure how this works in the software. Here’s my problem. My laptop will time out and sometimes hibernate while a cut is going on. On occasion when I come back and tap mouse to “wake” the computer, I’ll get an input event on what ever button the mouse pointer happens to be resting or hovering on when the computer wakes up.

more than once this has caused the “start” to fire up again and ruin a new board.

I have to be very diligent to make sure the mouse isn’t on a button.

Are you clicking the mouse button to wake it, or just moving the mouse? I can look into sleep / wake and see if I can ignore inputs for a moment or two following, but you could just as easily hit Shift, Ctrl, Esc, or some other benign key to wake the system (I do this), or turn off sleep when you’re running the laser.

Typically I just swipe the mouse pad on the laptop. But I assume I hit it too hard and fire a Mouse_Down event.

I never know what key is good for benign, but i’ll try the esc for now on.

I don’t think your going to get sleep/wake events on the machine easy. On_Deactivate, On_Activate are typically what I’d tried in the past and thats iffy at best. XCode and Swift handle it different than C# or C++.

By the way, really impressed by the app. Not that it matters, but I don’t impress easy after 40 years punching code.

I usually use Ctrl, 'cause it’s on the bottom corner of the keyboard and easy to hit, but Esc won’t cause trouble either. LightBurn is written on Qt, which deals with a lot of the platform specifics, but it can also make it a bit harder to handle things that are platform specific.

And thank you - I worked in video games for 25 years doing artist tools, data pipelines, optimization, rendering engines, video compression, networking, and whatever else they needed. The skill sets merge nicely in LightBurn. :slight_smile:

Qt? You made me go look it up. Looks like c++ derivative, but with some VB and C# tossed in for good measure. Looks like a pretty mature framework as well.

40+ years here. First to help me do my job in a couple of careers then last 30 just programming, database management, data science and development management. Loved the first 3, hated the last.