Carve King Setup Query

I’ve done a bunch of searching and so far I’m coming up empty on ways to correct this. Firstly, I’ve been using the laser and software, after some initial hiccups for a bit now but it’s incredibly inefficient and not the way I think it was intended.

Here’s my issue. I can home the machine, and it’ll do just like the CNC UGCS does but I cannot use that as the origin for work. What I mean is that in my mind I should be able to put something anywhere on the workspace (provided its within my usable area) and the machine should move to that spot and work on the piece. Instead, it doesn’t matter where I have the work on the LB workspace I have to manually move the laser around then once I use the jog commands to (crossing my fingers) line it up I can then execute the program.

Again, I don’t think this is how its intended to work and if this could be corrected I’d be eternally grateful to be able to use my Zippo jigs more efficiently and accurately.



I’m assuming Carve King uses a GRBL controller? (I haven’t heard of it before)

When you home, where does it go, and if you click ‘Get Coordinates’ in the Move window, what does it report? Most likely, because it’s a CNC, it uses “negative workspace”, and you’ll have to correct it. Read here:

Home moves the machine to the far right and rear (as you look at the machine).

Get Position returns X, Y & Z all being -0.157 and U = 0.000

Ok, then that’s the issue - like pretty much every other CNC, it’s using negative workspace, not positive.

The link I sent above walks you through the fix for it, or you could delete the device profile in LightBurn, re-do the automatic setup, and just tell it you have a Shapeoko or XCarve system and it will do all the macro setup for you. You can change the name by double-clicking the device in the list after it’s finished and advancing through the pages until you get to the name.

I would’ve sworn I had done this long time ago but it appears not. Thanks for the assist.

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