CCD camera on Rudia controller

New here and first post, but have been lurking and am a user of lightburn (which BTW, ROCKS!!!). I recently purchase a BesCutter Versa100 that included a CCD camera. I know this has been asked before but I would like to suggest a different game plan. I am a big fan of lightburn’s cut and print capability and use it quite often. It works remarkably well.

Could this perhaps be an approach… can you use the camera to locate the two targets on the computer screen and simply enter and save an x and y offset for the cameras location from the lasers cutting location? So basically, you would hit the targets with the camera and the print and cut feature would automatically adjust the location of the cut by a fixed user entered x and y value?

Thank you for your time and an excellent product!!!

I’m in the process of adding head-mounted camera support.

Most excellent news!!! Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve. Thanks for a GREAT product!

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