Center Laser and work (Ortur Laser Master 2)

I am looking for help.
I am trying to make my setup process a little easier but more importantly more accurate.
I would love to be able to put the object I am going to burn in the center of the work area of my Ortur Laser Master 2 and import my design and use the same center point to center the design and then start the laser.
Can :Lightburn be set up to reference the center of the work surface lie that? I do a lot of etch a lot of round objects and the framing process is slow and inaccurate.

This may be a good candidate for the Center Finder function in LightBurn:
Center Finder - LightBurn Software Documentation

Use the hot key ā€œpā€ to make the object go the center of the workspace in Lightburn.

As for the center of your waste board, that is gonna be on you. I use a piece of plywood and I have burned reference marks on the board. For small pieces, I will cut a jig out of light balsa or plywood. I burned some wooden coins for my midnight shift co-workers. I screwed a cutting board into the waste board. I taped a 3/32 thick piece of balsa to the cutting board. I made an array of holes in the balsa that the blank wooden disks fit into, just small enough for a snug fit. I dropped the graphics into each blank jig on my desktop and turned off the circle so it would not keep cutting the outlines of the holes. 5 coins heads up, 5 coins tails up.

In two runs of the cut file, I did 10 coins perfectly centered.