Center objects all at once

I created the boxes and fluer de lis using the array tool… I frequently want to change the image out but not touch the boxes as they are the template for a jig…
Is there a way to center the fluer de lis on each box without having to do them one by one?

Not trivially, but you could do it in a couple steps, like this:

Place the first one, as you have:

Select the others, then the first, and choose ‘Align top’:

Now, place just the last one:

Then select all of them and use ‘Distribute’:

Honestly though, if you grab the center drag handle, you can drag a shape to the center of another shape and it will snap with an X-shaped cursor when you hit the middle, like this:

Doing six of them that way is pretty fast, especially if you zoom back a little. The snapping behaviors all work in ‘screen distance’ - when you’re within some number of screen pixels from the snapping point it will snap, so if you zoom out a bit, you effectively make the center snapping zone larger.

See here how far I am from the middle, compared to the previous image:

Great! Thank you!..I don’t actually need objects in center all the time but your answer did show me how to make use of the align top and align centered buttons…
Can I ask you a totally different question? You see how I have duplicates in the top tool bar? I often use the “move to laser position” button… How can I keep it dislayed but remove all the other duplicate buttons?

You have duplicates because you’re showing both versions of the ‘Arrange’ bar - the long one (which has the move to position button) and the short one (which has them folded up) - the same functions are available on both:

Go to the Window menu and hide the ‘Arrange’ window, and leave the ‘Arrange (long)’ one:

Look at this, looks like you have both turned ON.

Duh!.. I did… Thanks so much!

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