Center Shape To Work Space?

I’m still new to LightBurn so give me some slack. Is there a way to snap or align the center of a shape to the center of the work space without manually entering the coordinates.

I was trying to center a rectangle (the only thing on the screen) to the center of my work space (600x900). Didn’t find an obvious way to do that. So I selected the shape, selected the center coordinate in the 9x9 grid, then entered 300 and 450 into the coordinates box. Didn’t know if there was a button to do this.

I know the alignment buttons are there but you need to have two shapes selected for that to work.

Nevermind. 5 hrs earlier

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@LightBurn would it be possible to enable the bullseye to center a shape to the workspace if only one shape is selected?

That is not the correct tool for this, as we already have this tool elsewhere. Select something you want to place in the center of the workspace and then

Are you asking for this behavior to be available from the “bullseye” icon too? LightBurn has different option for aligning shapes.

I understand that you can align a shape to the workspace by the way shown.

I thought that the bullseye could do two things as adding an icon for centering a shape to the workspace would be mute.

  1. The bullseye functions as it does normally. First selected shape centered to second selected shape.

  2. The bullseye could also center selected shape to workspace if a second shape is not selected.

@Rick nevermind. I need to understand what I’m reading before I reply haha

Disregard the previous post. It takes a while for things to sink in. It takes me an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes.

You can also just press ‘P’ - Move to center of Page.

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