Centering and Spacing

Good morning!! I am trying to make a pendulum board for my wife’s yoga studio and I am having trouble spacing/centering the words on the outside. How can I make sure that there is exact spacing between each word and that they are centered between the circle and inner part of the pendulum??

I would create 8 circles, or ellipse (I can’t tell from the image), of the same size. Then you can put a word on each circle (text to path) and align the text middle/middle. After that you can select each circle and rotate them a fixed multiple of angles. I think you want to rotate the first one 22.5 and then add 45 to the next one and so one. Then use the centering tool to center all of these circles inside the bigger one.

Using text to path will curve the text. If you don’t want the text curved you can create an octagon, rotate it 22.5 if the point started at the top, middle/middle the text, and snap it to each point. Then you’d just need to rotate each word individually the right angle for the point it’s on.

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When you’re rotating the circle select just the circle. Don’t include the text. The text is anchored to the start point and it will move to track the circle. But the center point of the circle+text is offset from the center point of the circle. Same for using the center alignment tool. Select just the circles.

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