Centering job on material

can seem to figure it out. work piece is 5in x 5in. how do you center the image in that box

You could make yourself a frame, parallel to your X and Y axes and use it in the future as a reference. Then it is no art to place your topic and determine the center point or another starting point of your choice. I start for example. always in + 5, + 5 and thereby avoids uneven edges of my cut materials.
If you need more help or a picture explanation just say so.

There are several ways to skin this cat. I would say the easiest is to invest in the camera option.

You can also select your artwork and use the move laser to center of selection found under Window > Arrange toolbar.
Click on the highlighted button and you get a dropdown menu. Select Move Laser to selection center then you can center your work piece to the laser.

Another option is to Draw a box around your artwork 5inx5in on another layer and center your artwork inside the box and use the Frame function to align your work piece to the box, then just turn the output of the layer with the box off so it does not get burned.

There are other options as well, and they are only limited by your imagination.

thats what i have. a 5x5 box (layer turned off to not burn) and artwork in box. what do i do now to center the art work in that box other then by looks. there is no center tab?

Select your artwork, then hold the shift key, and select your box, then use the Align Vertical and Horizontal centers button.

You can also use the hotkeys β€œC” to align the vertical center, then β€œE” to align the horizontal center. I don’t know if there is a hotkey to do both at the same time.

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