Centering logo on the board

I guess I’m having a brain pause here becaues something doesn’t seem to be working right and I can’t figure it out even though I’ve done this process many times before. The attached file I’m trying to center the logo on the 19" x 12" board. In Lightburn it’s centered but when I hit frame my machine (Omtech 2028-100W) doesn’t frame it in the center. It frames it right to left but definitely not top to bottom. The bottom part of the logo, is at the bottom of the board.
I’m using current position, bottom left corner as origination and have my laser positioned there as the start position. When I hit frame, the rubber band boundary trace button, it frames it centered right and left as stated but definitely not top to bottom. I believe it’s probably something simple I’m missing but am struggling to find the answer.
Light Filled Creations - Large Logo.lbrn (118.7 KB)

Solved my issue. I found the Use Selection Origin slider had been moved. Once corrected, the item is now centering fine. Glad to have solved my own issue. Great learning experience.


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