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Can someone please help me. So what time been doing is putting my design in the middle of a square tile for example. Then I make a square cut linen around the square tile for framing purposes. I then highlight the design and square I made them click center. Sometimes the design centers to the square which is what I want. Other times the square moves to the design. How do I just keep the square I’m using for framing in place and center the design. Thank you.

The order in which you select the items to align matters.
Select the thing you want to move first, then the one that is the “anchor”, it is pretty intuitive after a while.

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Thank you I’ll have to do some more research on how to select. What I’ve been doing is just click and dragging a box around the items. How do I select? Is it a hotkey function or anything particular. Thank you

Cool, didn’t know that!

Not sure if this is what you mean:


  • If you want to select all the items that the selection touches:
    draw the box from Right bottom to Left top.
  • If you want to select all the items that the selection box fully encloses:
    draw the box from Left top to Right bottom.

If you drag a box, the selection order is arbitrary.

You can hold the Shift key and left-click the items you want in order. Or you can drag-select a bunch of things, then hold the Ctrl key to toggle-select, and just un-select then re-select the one item to align everything else to. Doing that ‘toggle’ makes it the last item selected.

Thank you both. I will try this tonight.

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