Centering project using camera

I have setup a camera on my ortur master 2 pro. I created. Template to do coasters. Now when I place my coasters into the template they are not aligned. The center of the coasters is off to the right. What did I do wrong?

Did you try to adjust the image. There are “buttons” for +/- X & Y as well as scale. Lets you fine tune location & scale.

What I do, is place coasters on the bed of the laser, select ‘Update Overlay’, which is what your camera sees, then place your graphic that you want to engrave over the coaster blank, and it works. If you do this and it is till off center, your camera isn’t aligned properly. You will have to do the camera alignment procedure over.

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Unless you have made a very static setup of your camera system in relation to your machine bed, you can not expect accurate reproduction. On my K40 with camera mounted on the lid of the machine, I get a bad result if I just push the lid a little wrong in the hinges from the lid, we are talking about half a mm. 0.5mm multiplied by approx. 400mm in height … and nothing fits anymore.
My normal inaccuracy is approx. 2-5 tin part of a mm, ie the camera is (usually) spot on.