Centreline trace - feature request

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My main interest with Lightburn is copying/tracing parts from plans and cutting them out, in a similar way to the original poster’s requirement to cut out jigsaw puzzle pieces. The current trace feature, though amazingly powerful, doesn’t work for me (or the original poster) as it produces two lines around the border of each shape. I need one line down the middle of each border. Or down one side of the border. If there was a way I could easily delete one of the borders created that would work for me too.

The response from Lightburn developers indicates that this feature is on their todo list, so I’m hopeful it will appear one day. In the meantime may I recommend that a topic for feature requests be created? This would be valuable feedback for the developers as well as providing users with the opportunity and encouragement to make suggestions, and avoid duplication of suggestions.

Kudos to the developers for building such a fantastic tool. It can only get better!

We would like to but it’s a complicated problem - there was more recent discussion here about it:

Trace the image.
Delete one of the lines.
Use offset tool on the other line to get “centerline”.
Delete other line.

This would work for simple images but something with a lot of shapes would be very time consuming.

If I may correct you, the current centerline function is fine for very simple tasks but not realistically usable for most “normal” tasks, with or without much extra work.

BUT, LightBurn is a CAM and not a CAD program nor will it be. Once in a while I just have to remember that and then we also realize that LightBurn is a great CAM program that even has a lot of CAD features.

In addition to that - so I still want centerline tracing AND a very very simple nesting function for Christmas 202? :santa:
Oz once wrote, “People will never get enough” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And people usually seem to think that the feature that want should be trivial to implement.

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I have Coreldraw and Turbocad, both have trace functions. The end results usually leaves you with more work than just manually tracing over the image with a bezier or b-spline tool.

Tracing may be OK if quick and dirty suits what you are trying to do, but beyond that, not so much.

Inkscape does centerline trace so if I need it I know where to find it.

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