Ceramic Tile burn settings

Good morning all,
I am new to the laser burning and have been trying to do some burning on tile.
My my laser is a Jtech Photonics 2.8 Watt 445nm 9mm laser diode. I have tried to laser a design and it took 5 hrs to complete. I had my setting at 85 in/min speed and 20% power. Any suggestions in setting in Lightburn that I can check & change ?
Thanks, AL

You could double both the speed and power. 20% is quite low for a diode. With an 8-bit controller you might not be able to go much faster if you are burning images, because the gcode is dense and the 8-bit processor can only deal with a certain number of commands per second, but it’s worth a try.

Thanks Oz for the suggestion, may need to upgrade my laser,