Cercle and rectangle different heights

Hello guys, hope you can help. I have made a rectangle, 25 mm high and a circle 25 as well. Why is the circle taller then the rectangle? see attached file. Thanks in advance
nom allergene.lbrn2 (60.6 KB)

What circle?

Screenshot from 2022-10-14 12-43-33


sorry wrong files. here it is
nom allergene.lbrn2 (71.9 KB)

just noticed the left segment of the rectangle is 24.82 and the rectangle height is 25. strange…

Found it. My rectangle was at an angle…I redrawned it it is ok now. Thanks and sorry about that :frowning:

Not sure if I am more happy with this wonderfull software or with wonderfull people helping on this forum. Thanks a bunch!

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