Ceremark Metal Marking

(Angel Sanchez) #21

Each one with the felt pen on the right. Last one without it

(Allen Massey) #22

Wow, the top sharpie does look very good, on bad steel I have gotten results much worse than that with Cermark.

What type of laser do you have, My 65 watt will not make any mark at all on stainless with no marking material.

(Scott Chausee) #23

Impressive… thanks for sharing

(Angel Sanchez) #24

Now doing it with a 130 CO2 one, but started a couple of years ago with a 10Wdiode which at the very beginning gave me good results too.

(panagiotis chatziemmanouil) #25

hi everybody i am panos from thessaloniki greece
i have a fiber laser 30 watt from china betoplaser
i use 304 inox mat and i make black marking on pendants
i wear it, after 3 or 5 days tha black marking is start to go
because of the sweat (Chemical reaction) said the manufacture
can i make black marking for ever on the pendant?

(Dave Jones) #27

The cermark products are a sore spot with me. The price point is absurd. Yes it’s a specialty item and in turn commands a premium in price. But $100! Come on. Different genre but Its light that BBQ junkies that purchase Slow N Sear products. That flimsy little metal insert costs as much as the Weber Kettle you out it in. Nonsense.