Change all layers power by percentage

I have a test file with multiple power settings. I was changing each layer 1 by 1 and all of a sudden I got a window that allowed me to change power percentage of all layers, but I cant figure out how to get back to it

Help please

In LightBurn, click Window in the top row.
Make sure Cuts / Layers has a check mark beside it.

When it does have a check mark, it might be hiding under another active window. If you see the Cuts / Layers tab hanging below a different window, click it to make it active.

Is that the one you’re looking for?

Good Morning Mr. Johnson

I do have the move tab showing, but the window I had and now cant find was different? Somehow I had a window that allowed me to increase the power and speed to all layers by a percentage? However, while I was going through all the windows, I found the lightburn Materials test generator which is FANTASTIC for what I needed.

Although I am slow to learn, I am having a really great time with lightburn and my D1pro 20w from Xtool.

Thank you so very much for your reply

The only time the ‘Move’ window changes to the power and speed adjustment view, is when the ‘burn’ has been started, this enables minor adjustments on the ‘fly’. When the job has finished it reverts back.

That explains everything… I thought I was starting to loose my mind and at my age that is quite possible. Many Many thanks for your reply :saluting_face:

You are welcome, trust me, been there myself :grinning:

I am in San Diego…Where might you be?

All the way over the ‘Pond’ in Kent, England

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