Change codes back before carving?

The codes that I changed in Lightburn, from the videos on the Jtech website, should I change those back to the original before using my spindle? I am using Vcarve desktop when carvings but am not sure if I need to revert the code back.

Now I did add macro buttons on Lightburn like suggested in the videos. So do the the GRBL settings revert back to original settings every time? Thanks for any help

Good question… I ha e always wondered this.

I assume you will as $32 is 1 for laser and 0 for spindle mode.

Not sure about other settings

Yeah I’m thinking so too. I’ll have to test it out. I just got the laser and haven’t used my spindle since. I’ll probably just set a macro button to revert it back to original settings

Generally yes - The $10 setting and $32 setting at least. If your spindle power on/off is controlled by the software then you’d also want to change the $30 setting back too.

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Ok great! Thank you.

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