Change into german

I buyed the lizence but I can´t change the Language into german. The Button “language” ist not there.
Can somebody please help me.
Thank you

Hi Frank, I’m sure this is a little oblivion in the last version which will probably be fixed soon.

Thank you for your answer. But If I look some you tube videos other user can change into german.
Is it because they hava a old version. Can you say me, when if will be possible? Best regards

I believe it’s a known problem with recent version and is being fixed.
There have been a few previous threads on the subject.

It has been fixed with the 1.0.02 update. This only affected Mac users, and was because we had to move around a bunch of files in the app package to get it to code sign properly, and forgot to tell the program where they had been moved to.

Thank you very much. Now it works. Very good service.

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