Change layer from line to Image?

Is it possible to convert a layer from Line to Image? I have a large single letter I want to engrave in grayscale…

What do you mean “engrave in grayscale”?

If you want to do something like add variable shading or dither it, you’d need to create it as an image in external software. If you were to create a black letter on a white background, and set the image mode to grayscale, that’s exactly what you have now using the vectors.

I am creating it in Corel now… Its just a big letter; might be an “A” on one order, a “G” on the next.
I have found that it engraves the fill much better as an image in grayscale.
My hope was that I could just create the file in Lightburn changing the letter from line to Image so that I could avoid the Corel step, making it as simple as opening the LightBurn file in LightBurn, change the letter to whatever it needs to be and run it.

That shouldn’t be the case - The vector version has infinite detail to work with, and the resulting GCode should be basically identical. Can you show an output so I can see what you mean by “better”? It’s likely just a difference in your settings between fill and the image mode you normally use.

Thanks Oz, I’ll run a couple tests and post them up.

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