Change move step decimals by mouse

For fine tuning I often use the MOVE Tab to move the laser head by mouse. For this its great to be able to switch between Continous and Step size.

My questions is on Step size. WIth the Mouse I can use the Wheel or the scroll buttons (up, down) to change the value in whole units (say 1mm) which is very good since I can work at the laser with the mouse only.
I also want to change the values is steps of decimals units too (say 0.1mm) and I am looking for a way to do that with the mouse. It works when I grab the keyboard and enter 0.1mm. I am sure there is a way to do it with the mouse as well, but I could not find out. I tried the following combinations

  • Ctrl-Wheel
  • Shift-Wheel
  • Alt-Wheel
  • Shift-Click
  • Control-Click
  • Alt-Click

What is the correct way to do this?

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