Change "open file" default to "all supported files"

Is there a way to change the default “open file” function from “LightBurn Files” to “All Supported Files”
Most all my drawing files are created in a third party software (NX, OMAX or Inkscape)
Basically, this change would save just one mouse click but it would be helpful

Thanks for your guidance

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Instead of using the open file dialog, you may want to use the Import file dialog to access those files. Import will automatically default to all file formats.

Typically “open” is used to open native formats and import used to bring-in foreign file formats.

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I was also puzzled by this behaviour and it was a continual irritation to me that it was necessary to change the file type selector.

The behaviour I would like to see is that Lightburn remembers my last choice. It already remembers the last folder that I was in so this would be a trivial change to make.

Well that was simple :slight_smile:
Feel a bit silly now.
Thanks for the help.

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