Change radius on not rectangle shape

I have a polyline shape, not a rectangle.
I add a radius to some places. But after a test cut, it seems too small. How can I change it to bigger?
And also how can I change it to chamfer?

The rounding tool is a one way operation. So you would need to recreate the radius to accomplish this.

There is no in-built chamfer tool. So you’d have to use the other available tools to create a chamfer shape.

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If I want to create a 45° chamfer, I start with the radius tool. Some elementary math is required if I want the chamfer to be a particular width.

Print this routine out and give it a whirl…

Let’s say I want the chamfer to be 0.5" wide.
Simply take the square root of 0.5 (which is 0.7071") and divide that by 2 to arrive a 0.35356".

Now, go to the radius tool and use 0.35356 as the radius.
Create the radius
Enter Edit Node mode and hover over the radius
Press “m” on the keyboard (insert node at midpoint)
Hover one side of the radius and press “l” (lower cased L), this will convert half the radius into a line
Hover the mouse over the remaining rounded portion and press “l” again.

By now you should be seeing two straight lines radiating from the original midpoint.

Simply hover over that midpoint and press “d” to delete that node.

Voila! A chamfer of 0.5" has just been created…

Now go have a cup of coffee or whatever your favorite beverage is… LOL!

I promise, this isn’t as bad as you think it is. I actually takes longer (tenfold) to explain it than it is to do it. FYI, I converted the radius to chamfer in less than 10 seconds easy!

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