Change rotary from steps to degrees in Lightburn

Can anyone tell me how to change my rotary from steps to degrees? The stepper is 12800 clicks for a complete 360. Its a chuck rotary if it matters.

I don’t know what you are doing, so making a useful suggestion is pretty tough.

There is no need to change to degrees with a normal rotary.

Don’t know about smoothie software but the Ruida always has used steps/rotation.

Here’s a quick rundown… let us know where you have a problem.

You will probably need to know what kind of controller you have…


I am trying to engrave rifle scope turrets , they need to be in degrees for the ballistic calculator to work. I can get steps per degree by dividing 12800 by 360, but there is no option for me to turn the rotary the needed steps for the degrees Im trying to engrave at.

I understand.

The only way I know of is to create the artwork. I guess you could use an array…

This might be a good question for someone with more knowledge about how you could manipulate the artwork to accomplish the task.

I’d lay it out as a strip, make it the right size and run it that way…

Maybe @JohnJohn has some idea the may help you… hang in there…


@Gundoc consider this… if you measure the turrets with a micrometer or dial calipers to get an accurate diameter, then multiply by 3.14159 to get accurate circumference and that figure becomes the linear layout with 360 graticules evenly spaced on it. Like @jkwilborn suggested, use an array to lay out the graticules.

I’d probably suggest waiting until the public release of 1.4, which includes Repeat Marking and will make what you are trying to do MUCH easier.


Thanks everyone for the help, think sutick nailed it. The increment and jog functions will get me where I need to be! Cheers everyone

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