Change the start point to being in the bottom right

This might be a silly question but i have tried to change the start point from bottom left to bottom right so that its closer to the door of the machine and i don’t have to lean over the table i have the unit on.

When i have done this is then will not run the alignment correct, but if i use the bottom right in Luban it works no worries… what the hell have i done wrong?

Edit => Basic Settings => Origin select bottom right.

My Job origin is set to bottom left, but then when you print it flips the artwork and prints the mirror image

You may be misunderstanding the purpose and impact of machine origin. This isn’t something that you really get to choose, at least without some effort. Your machine is generally designed to work from a specific origin.

If your goal is to just have the laser head out of the way, however, that can be managed differently.

I’d suggest two things:

  1. In Edit->Device Settings enable Return to Finish Position and set the coordinates to the lower right. This will return your laser to that position at the end of a job.
  2. In order to have this after homing you should set a Save Position or the origin in Move window set to lower right. Then just use “Go to origin” or select one of the Saved positions when you first start your machine.

So this is not what i am looking at this for.

In luban i am able to set it to bottom right, so that when i load the different materials im not leaning over to a really uncomfortable position to make sure the laser is sitting right on my start point.

This is important for me cause i am printing multi staged tiles, or designs on timber…
With the A350 only having a 300x350 print zone roughly…
600x300 Tile print

In what way is what I suggested not getting you the desired behavior? I might be missing something.

So with the tiles changing size and shape im i reading you correct your saying to set a start, then move to the other side of the tile so its done in a two step procedure?

if thats correct yes that will work but i am always a strong believer of KISS - keep it simple stupid
ideally would love to reproduce the simple click change that you can do in luban.

Can you briefly describe your workflow as well as what “Start from” mode you are using? It’s apparent you’re not only counting on the position to clear the material but also as part of your alignment process.

Ok, so when i am printing larger objects i do the following…

  1. Create the artwork in AI at the correct scale, and add in a boarder / alignment points at the corners around it so i can line up the different parts
  2. Load the artwork into lightburn
  3. Create a clipping mask that is the required size, it was 315mm x 325mm for the link below
    3a. Export all 3 sections and load it on a usb
  4. Load the material / board, and then align the project to the start point.
  5. Engrave the 1st part, this will place a marker for the start of 2nd part
  6. Move the material / board, then align to the printed start point for 2nd part
  7. Engrave the 2nd part, this will place a marker for the start of 3rd part
  8. Move the material / board, then align to the printed start point for 3rd part
  9. Engrave the 3rd part

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