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Hi All, I have an Atzer P20 Laser and been having some difficulties creating a logo on some Glencairn Glasses. Someone suggested that I should turn things around … let me try to explain. I start the job and it begins at the bottom of the logo and the glass rotates left and right while the laser moves to top of the LOGO. So I asked how I might do this and the answer was change the scan direction but that still has the glass turning left to right…

so now I am thinking turn the job, but when I rotate the job it does the same thing… do I have to rotate the ROTARY DEVICE??

I have created a 6 second video clip I hope will help explain … I am thinking the laser head should be running left to right and the glass making minimal moves is the link to the video on my youtube channel.

Is there a way to create what I am after? Where the glass has minimal moves and the laser head does the work? Is this a good thing? Bad thing? Reasons why I should or should not?

Any Help appreciated

Link says Private Video.

Yes, you want scanning across the Xaxis…

  1. Align the glass along the Xaxis.
  2. In the Lightburn workspace, rotate your part in the position you want it to appear on the glass. Right now, yours shows to be sideways with the glass sitting up. You should be good to go. is set to public my apologies I believe it is aligned as you suggest

Definitely in the wrong position in the video. Turn it 90deg to align with X and make your setup for that orientation.

You want the axes of the cup/mug along the fastest axes.

Here is an old video, correct orientation for X axes and scan angle of 0


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Hi MikeyH, I will turn the rotary tomorrow but I am unclear how turning the rotary will cause the job to change… If I turn the job so that the top of the glass points to top of laser (right now it points to left side of laser) , Then turn the rotary so the top of the glass points to the top of the laser (right now it is left and right) this will change the way the job runs… OK I will try it in the morning! I am not clear how that will force the Y axis to do all the work but then if I could see it, I would not be here asking questions :slight_smile: Thank you for the prompt replies and I will update in the morning… I should leave the default SCAN ANGLE I guess?

It wont. You want the Xaxis to do all the work (sweeping motion). Set Scan Angle to “0”. THEN, rotate your drawing work to get it positioned as you want it.

Maybe this sketch will help:

Cup Engrave-02
Of course, you orientate your image as needed on the cup. I may have it wrong.

Did you view the link I posted as an old video? It shows a mug on a co2, with the correct orientation.

Y rotates the mug, X does all the movement.


OK I believe I understand what you are trying to achieve and I also believe that is how my machine is configured at the moment. I went back to Youtube and re-watched the video by LA Hobby Guy on how to set up Ortur Chuck and I have it set properly according to his video and your image above. His video also shows the device rotating as mine does so I am going to believe that this is the way my DIODE Laser (Atzer P20) actually functions. I have also noted the rubbers on my rotary are a little “shiney” so will get some rubber renew and clean those up. Thank You for all the help! It is very much appreciated!

I did take a look and your layout looks exactly like mine (only mine is a diode) but I find that Y rotates a LOT and I am thinking that is the way a Diode Laser functions as mentioned above I went back to Youtube and re-watched the videos on using the Ortur Rotary and I do believe all is configured as it should be, but i may have a slipping problem with the glass. Thank You for taking the time to reply - it is appreciated!

Is your scan angle 0?


yessir tried both 0 and 90 to be sure

This should have changed which axes are doing the work… In other words, it should swap the actions of the X and Y operations.

Is this not happening?


Is it all image/fill layers? If not, any line/cut layers the rotary will definitely turn a lot.

If I want precise vector art on a mug, I use the chuck… Even with the acceleration and speeds really low, it still slips now and then.

I just use the chuck… it’s only drawback is it won’t do large mugs … need a larger chuck :face_with_spiral_eyes:


The RA2 Pro will do 4" mugs. Anything larger than that I consider a bowl with a handle on it. :grinning:

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