Change the way origin works between versions of lighburn

I updated lightburn from 9.04 to 1.0.06. Now projects that I created in the past don’t seem to work. I always would set the origin to the lower left corner of the work piece. When I started the project it would start burning at the correct location on the work piece.
Now when I set the origin to the lower left corner and starts the job it moves off of the work piece and starts burning.
it seems like it now is using absolute origin. Becasue when I changed to user origin it moved the green square to the lower left corner of the work piece.
Not sure why things changed between software versions. every project I created before. I just moved the laser to the lower left corner of the project and set origin. Then started the project.
Any help would be appreciated.

PS My latest project. I created a 15 inch working size. I created a 9inch by 12 inch square in the lower left corner of the workspace. When I load the project the green square is several inches to the left of the lower left corner of the workspace.
Just noticed that when I open up the project on my home laptop the green square is in the correct location. If I open it up in the laptop used to control the laser the green square is several inches away from the lower left corner of the workspace.

Additional information. When changing the job origin. The upper right middle right and lower right origins are in the correct positions. All three middle and left positions are off left by about an inch.

I haven’t seen anything about this kind of problem. My only guess is there is a change in configuration between the two versions.

Ensure that both the Device settings haven’t been changed especially home or ‘origin’

When you select ‘user origin’ the green block will be there, showing that.

When you set to ‘absolute coords’ you will not have a ‘job origin’ choice.

Are you running different ‘start from’ on the machines?


Device settings are the same. Hoe is upper right corner. Run macro to move origin to lower left corner. Always used this macro. In the past I never paid attention to origin setting absolute/user/current. I just set the laser to the lower left corner of the work piece. It always worked. I don’t know about start from.
Currently I’m redesigning the frame and so far the origin stays put for all three origins.

If we’re talking the ‘Job Origin’, ‘absolute coords’ gives you no option for ‘job origin’ since it’s absolute…

What I think has happened is you’ve used it as it came and don’t understand how they are used. When it got changed, it ‘looped’ you …

Check out the documentation on Coordinate and Job Origin

The more you learn the better you will do… Take care

Good luck


Solved the problem. The design that I was working on had a small line not visible about one inch outside of the workspace. I found it by tabbing to the different objects. When I selected the object outside of the workspace and deleted it. The green square moved to the lower left corner of the workspace.
Not sure how this object was created. But it sure caused problems.

I will go to ‘Edit → Select all’. That will give you the full size (in the upper left x and y) of the ‘whole thing’ which would have tipped you off.

After selection of all objects, click on the zoom-to-frame-selection, which will ‘zoom to frame selection’. This will frame the whole thing on the screen.

Glad you figured it out…

Take care


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