Change the zig-zag pattern

I have no doubt this has been asked many times before but I don’t know what to call it so that makes it hard to search for the answer.

I’ve noticed when doing the materials test that the laser goes from left/right/left/right with the laser on the whole time. Obviously, this makes the sides get hotter as they have less time to cool between passes. Is there a way to tell Lightburn to go laser on → move left → laser off → move right and repeat? This would mean every line would have the same amount of time to cool for each pass.

Tim Cornell

Turning off ‘Bi-directional Fill’ will lead to the behavior you’re looking for, but the ‘Overscanning’ setting is meant to compensate for this effect, while still keeping ‘Bi-directional Fill’ enabled, by adding extra moves to give the laser room to turn on and off at the starts and ends of scan lines.

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