Change workspace orientation -90 degrees (xTool D1 Pro)

Hi all,

I have xTool D1 Pro and been using it with standard frame + LightBurn without issues. I finaly got the enclosure work moving forward and installed on the same time extended frame to D1 Pro. However, this introduced a problem: I would need to turn the orientation of the workspace -90 degrees to get my brain to work with the setup.

In other words I see this -90 degree turn as follows:

original orientation:
x-axis width = 432mm
y-axis height = 936mm
home: lower left corner

desired new “orientation”
x-axis width: 936mm
y-axis height: 432mm
home: lower left corner (used to be back - left corner in the original conf)

I’ve been adjusting device settings in all the possible ways, but just can’t get it right. The closest I can get is that a rectangle seems to be getting out as it should, but text / pictures are mirrored.

All the advice is appreciated. I have tried to search for advice, but can’t get it to work (it either burns it incorrectly or it’s mirrored in the display.


Marko Niskanen
Espoo, Finland

Did you try to input new working space on the “Device Settings”?

Hi @Kuth - yes I did. My new settings are: width 936mm and height 432mm

I’ve tried to set the origin between bottow left and top left, but there’s always something off… and top & bottom right would be worse than these on the left.

I would assume this would be possible to do (it would be atleast extremely practical in a case like mine), but struggling to get my head around it.

Here you can find some of the names of settings (and their definitions) that may need to be changed. grbl/doc/markdown/ at master · gnea/grbl · GitHub

When you rotate the engraver 90 degrees and reassign home, you should swap the X axis motor and wiring, and the Y axis motor and wiring at the controller. This way your new X-Axis becomes the X-Axis, and the new Y-Axis becomes the Y-Axis in the controller.

After you do this, the axes will be all messed up. There’s still a little way to go.

$2 will allow you to invert the direction of any or all axes.
$3 will allow you to invert the way GRBL understands an inverted or non-inverted axis.
$23 allows you to invert the direction of Homing Behavior.

If the Max Rate and Max Acceleration are different for X & Y, it would be good to swap them. The X axis is now the one that is heavier and needs more time to accelerate. Image engraving would be better selected along the Y axis as it’s just the laser head that would move for the majority of the work.

I may have overlooked something but I feel that’s a good start.


Thanks John! This will be an excellent starting point.

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