Changing power/speed after you,ve started a burn

Is it possible to pause lightburn and make change’s to the settings and have it take affect after you resume your project.

Nothing you change in the project itself will affect a burn that has already started. The way LightBurn works, when you click ‘Start’, the entire job to be sent to the laser is generated and stored in an internal buffer, then sent to the machine. If you have a GCode system where the job is streamed to the machine on the fly, it’s still coming from an internal “file” of gcode.

The next release of LightBurn adds the ability on GRBL devices to use the speed / power overrides, so you can tune the power or speed as percentages of whatever your true settings were. If you have a Ruida controller, you can pause the job on the control panel itself, press the ‘Enter’ key, adjust the values in the job file, and then resume.

Thank you I look forward to the next release.

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