Changing Speed would change Power as well

I am not sure but I think this is a new bug. While you are running with your project, if you change the speed to higher and lower, it also changes the power too. It does not work the other way around though.
Was this done by design or is this a new bug?

I took a video which I will be glad to share if you might need it.


I haven’t seen this. Under what conditions is this happening?

And yes, the video would be helpful.

The only thing that I’ve noticed that is similar to this is when you change Max Power, Min Power will also change so that it’s never greater than Max Power. It’s right next to the Speed box so I’m wondering if…

I just noticed that I was not able to upload a video clip and can only upload pictures. Basically, during the project, if you “Adjust Speed” by any percentages, it will also change the power. I increased and decreased the speed and the power went up and down accordingly. However, when you change “Adjust Power”, it would not change the speed. Here is the link to the video clip on my Google drive:

I didn’t realize you meant you were doing this with the speed and power overrides.

I don’t typically use these controls so not intimately familiar with their behavior to say whether ot not this was existing behavior. I’m not certain but one explanation could be that this is part of the controller firmware where it would increase power to maintain burn quality even while increasing speed. Could be an extension of laser mode. I can’t say with certainty but I think I’ve seen this same behavior in LaserGRBL.

Perhaps someone more familiar with this specific behavior can speak up.

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