Changing the license from Dio to co2

Hello everyone is it possible to change the license from the Dio version of ligthburn to a co2?i purchase the Dio version a month before I purchase my nova 35 now I have 2 different licenses and 3 computers.thank you

Please email for licence concerns.
Please include a link to this forum post and your Licence Key in your email there.
Be sure to NOT post your licence here.

The helpful folks responding to email should be able to adjust your key.

The Diode laser engraver or GCode key is priced low to assist folks with low cost consumer lasers. CO2 engravers, with DSP controllers require more elaborate software and cost more to develop. If your Nova 35 came with a DSP key, the Diode or GCode licence should be built in to that one.

thank you very much i will do that

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