Changing the settings to select everything

Right now I know if you drag the mouse from LEFT to RIGHT it will only select something if you surround everything.

If you select from RIGHT to LEFT it will select everything you touch.

Is there a way to do the RIGHT to LEFT setting way so it will do the same thing LEFT to RIGHT?

The current LEFT to RIGHT select seems pointless to me and re training to do RIGHT to LEFT has been interesting. Would love a way to disable this feature and make the RIGHT to LEFT standard for LEFT to RIGHT.

This has been borrowed from a number of other pieces of software which behave the same way. There are situations where it’s useful not to select everything you touch.

It wouldn’t be hard for me to add a flag to swap the behavior. I’ll consider it.

Thank you, even a slider / check box to enable/disable it would be awesome. I am new to your software but my vinyl software behaves with options to select if everything is enclosed or select if its touched. I have just used to select if touched.

Thank you for the quick reply and consideration. I did not see an option and wanted to make sure I was not missing something.