Changing the size of patterns in LB

I have Downloaded a pattern from the net in PDF and opened it in LB the pattern its self is OK, but I wood like to use a different thickness of wood.
Thepattern calls for 6.350mm and I wish to use 6mm. Can I use LB to change the pattern.
I hope I have attached the file correctly.
The rectangles in Blue have been changed to 6mm but how do you change the Red rectangles, seeing as they are on an angle…
Hoping I have explained well enough… Merlin…

Wood Thickness Change.lbrn2 (31.0 KB)

To be honest, I don’t use LB for editing, but I think I can help on this one.

First, delete all the red rectangles.
Then, delete all the blue rectangles except for the top one.
Select the top (only remaining) rectangle.
Press CTRL and select one of the circles.
Click the [Arrange] menu and choose “Circular array”.

The centre point should be the centre of the circle, because that was chosen last. Make sure that option is selected.

You must have rotate objects selected.

Copies should be set to 8.

Press OK and you’re done.

Thank you Mark knew there had to be a fairly easy way to do it…

Cheers Merlin…

All good mate. Happy to help.

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