Changing what gets engraved using an image

Hi. First time user here. Have a Comgrow Z1 10W with rotary attachment. I am trying to engrave the following designs on tumblers. In regards to the tiger logo, the laser engraves the ring and tiger, not engraving the letters. I would like to reverse it if possible so that the letters are engraved and the ring is not. Hope that makes sense. Same with the Bag Habits logo. I want the opposite of what was engraved in my blue sample piece. Is there a way to have the software do this? Thanks in advance for helping out a newbie!!

So I think I might be slowly getting there? I drew a box around the image and then inverted the image. Here is what the preview looks like. However, does this mean that the black background is also going to be engraved? If so, that is not what I want. The logo section is fine but I’m worried the black background is going to cut too. And sorry. I meant to say the Bag Habits logo needs to be reversed for engraving on stainless steel with marking spray.

What is black will be the laser firing.

You can invert it on the layer also…

One appears to be an image? The other a vector?

If you don’t mind posting the .lbrn2 file, there are plenty of people here who can help you get the desired results… it’s a real advantage to be able to work with your art for the best suggestions.

I notice one of them had a run time of about 4hrs…?


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