Cheap Chinese laser purchased of one of these bestgear sites

Hey Guys

I’ve very new to laser’s, and struggle with hobbies as I have ADD and find it very difficulty to concentrate, I find after years of looking for a hobby I have found one that keep me interested,


I purchased this cheap 30w laser kit from best gear, wish I hadn’t as I could of paid the extra and got something decent but didn’t know that until I got my first one and had a play.

I’m trying to get this laser working with Lightburn and I have tried manually adding every single devise in the devise list to get it working, when I click devices the com3 it states ready, however on the console tab it says waiting to connect.

I didn’t know the make of the laser so I took it apart and on the main board it says its a voidmicro?

Is there anyway I can get Lightburn to work on this machine for now, or am i treating myself to the Ortur Master 2 in the new year!?

Please help guys

I apologies if my writing doesn’t make sense I struggle

Thanks Loads

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