Check the work on the monitor

Hello everybody.
Wouldn’t it be possible to see the laser work on monitor like on lasergrbl?
Thank you

Please explain exactly what you are wanting. :slight_smile:

You can do this with the Preview window in LightBurn. (press Alt+P or right click and choose ‘Preview’)

If you mean that you want to track the position of the laser in real-time while it’s working, you can do that by simply looking at your laser. Having LightBurn track the job would encourage you to look at the screen instead of the laser. You should never leave a running laser unsupervised.


Ho anche la telecamera sempre accesa se è per quello, ma una indicazione del tracciato l’avrei vista molto comoda. Il mio laser è sempre sorvegliato mentre lavora… inogni caso grazie lo stesso.

I also have the camera always on for that matter, but I would have seen an indication of the track very conveniently. My laser is always monitored while it works… in any case, thanks anyway.

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