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Hey all - I continue my learning journey with the software and laser. My latest question(s) are in the pics,
is the checkering I am getting on my engravings due to lines per inch and line interval? Also, achieving darker engravings has required me to go slow and higher power. What happens is the depth of the engraving goes pretty deep. Do the two go hand and hand? Is there a way to achieve darker engravings but only “scratch” the surface?

I’m curious what others have to say on this as well but here are some thoughts.

Lens choice: What lens are you using on the laser? One meant for engraving may be able to get you darker results without cutting as deep.

Focus depth: You could experiment with trying to focus above or below the actual surface of the material. This acts to provide a duller burning tip which may get you a darker burn without cutting deeper.

Air assist: I’ve seen people suggest not using air-assist when engraving. I personally choose to keep it on as I feel it’s more consistent for my needs but definitely something to experiment with.

Keep us updated on your results.

Hi - I have the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro with LU2-4 20W SF. From what I understand this one is better for engraving.

This model has the bar you use to set the distance between the laser and material. I could use the bar for the initial set then move it up or down from there a smidge to test.

I do have air assist and have been testing to see when it works best and with what meterials.

You are probably getting the depth from the fine focus you have. As @berainlb advised, you can lower the ‘beam power’ density by de-focusing the beam. This will give you a ‘wider’ beam requiring less dpi/lpi.

LPI and DPI are essentially the same thing.

In agreement, my experience has been that I always use some air assist, even if it’s minimum pressure, such as engraving. The whole reasoning is to keep ‘junk’ off the lens. If my machine is running, there is some kind of air flow.

Good luck, let us know how it turns out…


I will run some tests de-focusing the beam and see how that does.


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