China controller SMC5-5-n-n for laser engraving?

I am currently trying to run a laser with the SMC5-5-n-n.
My problem is that the controller accelerates and decelerates on every G1 command even if the direction and speed of movement does not change.
This behavior is independent of whether the CVL setting (constant velocity) is enabled or not.
Here is a code example:
G0 X35.741Y9.645
G1 X3.333F1000S0
G1 X0.536S1800
G1 X1.496S0
G1 X0.555S1800
G1 X1.638S0

Does anyone have any ideas on how I avoid this. I have read that others (Glen?) have supposedly done laser engraving successfully with the SMC5-5-n-n ?

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