China Import to US

(Sam Smith) #1

Planning on purchasing a 460 laser from Shenhui laser. Has anyone imported from china lately? I am curious on how much Duty & Tax will be from China to US customs in Detroit Mi… I havent had much luck on calculating what that will be.

(THX) #2

Not an answer to your question, but many of the Chinese manufacturers shipped machines to the US and stockpiled them. It’s not as cheap as getting it from China, but is without tariffs and ships much faster. I got mine delivered 4 days after payment instead of 4 to 6 weeks.

Check if the Shenhui laser you want is on Ebay. Filter for those only in the US.

(Sam Smith) #3

Thanks, Would you mind sharing who you bought the laser from on Ebay and/or what brand. Thanks

(THX) #4

It was this (I’m in Canada):

For this brand listing:

There’s a link on the site somewhere to the various eBay sellers with local stock, but I can’t find it now.